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Taiwan Wedding Customs


There are many different marriage traditions obtainable in taiwan. These traditions are meant to celebrate the families of the bridegroom and woman and to reverance their ancestors.

The tea ceremony is an important part of a taiwan wedding party. It’s a chance for the category of the groom and bride to meet their fresh husband and wife with their family home.

Within this ceremony, the few will serve tea to each of the parents (the bride’s father and mother will be served first) saying “please drink tea. ” They will then provide each parent a red envelope filled with funds or magic jewelry like a blessing and as the official welcome towards the family.

After the tea ceremony is definitely complete, the couples are invited to their reception in which they can meet up with each other peoples parents and relatives. They will also be presented food and dessert.

A standard dessert is sweet grain and funds filled with sesame paste and red beans, which is called “sweet and gross. ” This is a sign great luck just for the recently married couple.

Customarily, the bride’s and groom’s family unit had to prepare 12 gifts for each other on the wedding day. These kinds of presents were made of different kinds of merchandise, but usually included a reddish colored envelope stuffed with cash or gold rings.


Before the wedding, the mothers belonging to the groom’s and bride’s sides would dress all of them with golden add-ons and jewels. This is showing https://stylishlyme.com/stylish-life/love-quotes/ that they can be formally brought to the relationship with korean woman other’s https://asianbrides.org/taiwanese-women/ as well as that they will be a part of it forever.


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